• Newbie Vegan Tips?

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over half a year now, and I want to move on to veganism. Do you guys have any helpful tips?

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    Over a year ago

    That is so AWESOME! :)

    There are tons of yummy vegan foods you can eat! If you ever need to find a recipe, you can Google “vegan ______ (whatever it is you’re looking for)” and almost every time you’ll find it! If you haven’t already you should check out PETA’s accidentally vegan list here:

    Some of my other favorite websites that helped me when I first when vegan (some still do, I’m constantly finding new products!) are:

    HappyCow, which is great for finding vegan friendly restaurants in your area!
    Vegan Eating Out, which helped me find what foods were vegan at common fast food restaurants!
    Vegan Beauty Review, which is an awesome blog/website if you’re looking to find which vegan products to use on a daily basis for things like hair care, bath and body, cosmetics, fragrance, and personal care.
    The Vegan Zombie, who posts awesome vegan recipes on YouTube – I definitely suggest subscribing!

    Of course I <3 PETA & peta2 as well! They have a ton of helpful information and if you ever have any questions, you can shoot them and e-mail and they'll help you out!

    I'm sure I've forgot some websites, but you'll probably come to fall in love with some on your own!

    Wrapping this all up, and because I can't seem make a post about veganism/food without mentioning Daiya.. if you are ever craving something cheesy – you should give Daiya vegan cheese a try. Cheddar is my fave!

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  • Profile photo of annie-l

    Over a year ago

    Hey @EmilySeay,

    It’s great that you’re vegan! Be sure to check out our easy and tasty recipes here: :) Also, e-mail us at for more tips! :)

    ~Annie from peta2. :)

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  • Profile photo of silencescreams

    Over a year ago

    I guess one top top on making it easier would be just to see how you can alter what you eat on a regular basis so it fits a vegan lifestyle.

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