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    Over a year ago

    For the upcoming year, I’ve pledged veganism. I’m in need of some very quick and very cheap recipes and snacks. I cook dinner for my family, all carnivores, and will need to infiltrate vegan items into the grocery shopping without going over our weekly budget. Any suggestions and advice would be great!

    I’ve been a vegetarian for six years now, but I love ice cream, chocolate, and basically any other dessert. What can replace those items?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Over a year ago

    These are a few of my favorite super cheap recipes. Some of these can get even cheaper if you can find the time and energy to cook your own beans
    I almost always leave out the tvp since it’s pricey in my town
    ignore the cracker crumbs and always, ALWAYS add the salt. These are super good over rice with mushroom gravy(the recipe you get from cooking mama kills animals is *awesome*)
    It is not possible to get cheaper and more crowd pleasing than this
    It tastes a lot like bean and bacon soup, so if you really liked that soup, this one really gets that craving for it.

    Also, dig around websites like Peta(they have a MASSIVE recipe library), vegweb, and All Recipes(slim picking in the vegan cat. but you never know you may find something you really like)Choose Veg, and Compassion Over Killing, oh and Vegan Outreach.

    If you can, try and get a hold of Vegan with a Vengeance and Student’s Go Vegan. I have never had a bad recipe out of either of those, both are meant to be cheap eats, Student’s more so than VwaV. The other upside is, Vegan with a Vengeance has some really awesome dessert recipes and she has a chart in the book of vegan egg replacers.

    Vegan chocolate bars are expensive, and at least in my town, hard to find. But ghirardelli makes vegan chocolate chips. They definitely more expensive than the non vegan ones, so they’re more of a special occasion kind of a thing. There’s other stuff I’ve found with vegan chocolate in it, but they’re expensive items.
    Vegan ice cream can be bought! Walmart sells it! They have so delicious coconut ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, but again pricey. The good news is, vegan ice cream is easy to make! You can puree a banana and freeze it or if you happen to have an ice cream maker, just use whatever plant milk you like and make it like non vegan ice creams.

    For any other desserts you really want, just google! There is a recipe out there I promise! Well, everything but brownies >.< I have yet to have success making vegan brownies, I have stories from hell from the last 4 years =/

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