• no one is listening to me!!!!

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    Over a year ago

    Hi, I am Hannah and I live in southern Oklahoma. Down here alot of people do not even know what vegan means. When I politely explain how animals suffer for our enjoyment and how we can help that to stop by becoming a vegan…I get crazy looks, rude comments, and they give me no time to reply as if my opinion doesn’t even matter now.i have no friends and my family is ALWAYS tormenting me about my compassionate choices. This is getting old and I am becoming a sad lonely person. I wish there was someone here who could understand me.

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    Over a year ago

    Girl call me up I’ll listen 🙂 Stay strong, and keep spreading the word, eventually someone will hear you and go behind your back and tell others about what they learned from you. You may not even know it! And if they make rude comments? Kill them with kindness:) be nice and friendly and act like it doesn’t bother you. They will see how amazing, beautiful and compassionate you are and may have a change of heart<3

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    Over a year ago

    Hello HanzoBanana1!

    I know how you feel. I am the only vegan in my whole school, and people think I’m an alien. And I am a growing activist, so everyone thinks I’m strange, wearing my “Save Tilly” and PETA shirts to school. But, and @emilyr said, keep your head up high! You are the one that’s saving animals. When people give you rude comments, just think about all the animals you are helping.

    Your opinion matters Hanzo! Let your parents know how you feel, and tell them why your doing it. If you already have told them, please don’t give up.

    I’m here for you 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @hanzobanana1!

    I’m listening! I started being vegan while living in Kentucky, so I completely understand where you are coming from. Just keep your head up and know that you are right! Perhaps you could look around for vegan groups in your area or even start one of your own. 🙂

    Also, sadly, it can be common for parents to be confused or even rude about your new compassionate choice. I would say the best thing you can do is be informed and share the info that you learn with them. Also, Check this out: “How to Talk to Your Parents About Going Vegan” guide:

    We are always here for you!
    <3 Emily from peta2

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