• North American Video Proof

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    Over a year ago

    Umm can anyone post some links of proof animals are abused behind the scenes of movies (preferably north american movies) my cpu wont let me use google so ive found a few but would like more. I want this so i can send alll the links to my friend, because she doesnt believe animals are abused behind the scenes…so her fav movie is “i bought a zoo” ūüôĀ and she says “but this is canada. Animals arnt allowed to be abused. Its against the law, so therefore it never happens” and UHG I GET SO ANNOYED!!!!!!! I just want her to flat out inviting me to see movies that are about animals and talking about movies with animals in them cuz i know most animals are abused. Also, any ideas of how to get her to watch them? Like i dont say stuff like lool to funny videos, only when i see ppl getting karma. And yes, ive flat out asked her to stop talking about/inviting me to movies, she just always “forgets”. So i really need something that will shock her, make her realize movies rnt pretty and perfect, AND GET HER TO STOP INVITING ME TO WATCH ABUSE!!! Thnxxx

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