• Nothing at Taco Bell is vegetarian

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    Over a year ago

    I went on the website, to help me decide what I wanted to get(I couldn’t decide between a cheeseless bean burrito or a sauceless cantina bowl) and I found this when looking at the allergen guide.

    “We do offer meatless options, but none of our products are certified as vegetarian. Please note that in some restaurants we use the same frying oil to prepare menu items that may or may not contain meat. All meatless ingredients are handled by our employees in common with meat ingredients, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegetarian diets. Product formulations and/or ingredient changes may occur before http://www.tacobell.com is updated. Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions and/or product production at the restaurant. Limited time offers, test products, or regional items have not been included.”


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    11 months ago

    I bit into a small piece of chicken in my veggie bowl. I may or may not have overreacted and cried for an hour..

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    Over a year ago

    I was like “Ryan definitely did a post on how you can get Veg things at Taco Bell”. I guess it also depends on how picky you are. Even though it might be prepared on the same table as where the nonveg stuff were, a lot of products vegan eat anyways are labeled “made in a facility that processes (insert nonvegan items here)”, so it’s the same thing.

    Personally, I wouldn’t go to Taco Bell though lol But if that’s all your got and you need something asap, then I think it’s a good way to go; better than eating meat/dairy/eggs, right? 😀

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  • Profile photo of Smashingdols

    Over a year ago

    I wouldn’t worry about that. Veganism/vegetarianism is not about purity. If a product contains no animal products or by-products and is not tested on animals, then it’s vegan. I’m not going to cook on a dirty pan with nonvegan residue, but it’s important from a progressive standpoint (concerning the animal rights movement) to show nonvegan companies that there is a demand for their vegan options.

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    I started replacing Taco Bell with Chipotle. And then started replacing Chipotle with home-made similar foods. I slowly developed a phobia of other people handling my food.
    Then again, I live in a very dirty area.
    But if you’re able to, I would really suggest trying to make the t-bell foods you like at home. That way you know EXACTLY what is in it, and how it was prepared.

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  • Profile photo of peppermintcherry

    Over a year ago

    @chenli same here unless they have a disclosure like the above. What I posted was actually pretty hard to find, so I feel it’s kinda sneaky, making something like that difficult to find

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