• Oct.31...Happy National Candy Apple Day!

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    Candy apples, also known as toffee apples, are covered in a bright shiny syrupy coating that hardens to a sticky candy crunch…yumza!

    Delicious Flavored Candy Apples
    From Darla at Bakingdom
    light corn syrup
    flavoring oil or extract of your choice*
    food coloring (optional)

    *A note on the difference between flavoring oil and extracts. Flavoring oil is a much more concentrated ingredient, so you need much less. Also, since it is oil based, it is easier to use in candy making because it doesn’t cause any spluttering when added to the hot candy. Extracts, however, are cheaper and are usually easier to find. You need more, and it’s a little more dangerous, but there is a wide variety of choices at any grocery store. ~ Darla

    Details and directions at Delicious Flavored Candy Apples
    According to the Rules of the Interwebs, you shouldn’t post someone else’s entire recipe, only part of it with a link to the rest, unless you’ve changed the recipe up bigtime.

    Vegan variations…
    Toffee Apples and Toffee Apple Muffins from Emily Cooks Vegan
    Vegan Toffee Apples from Jeannie Moulton via Eat Drink Better
    Vegan Toffee Apples from kmarston at Little Brisbane
    Candy Apples & Pears from Amber at SaltTree
    Classic Candied Apples from Heather at Sprinkle Bakes
    Snow White’s Enchanted Apples from Chelsea at Inn at the Crossroads
    Poison Toffee Apples for Halloween from Alida at Simply Delicious

    Tips: Try the bit-sized version!
    Cut the apples into 1-inch cubes.
    Coat apple cubes in lemon juice (it will keep them from turning brown) and allow them to dry a bit.
    Instead of the craft sticks use thicker, longer toothpicks. Follow the remainder of the directions.

    If you can jab a stick or a skewer in it, you can candy it up for Halloween. Apples for candied shrunken heads, pears for candied green goblins, baby carrots for candied witches’ fingers, dried figs for candied brains. 😉
    What would you candy up? Which are better…candy apples or caramel apples?

    Happy Halloween! :)

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