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    Over a year ago

    First off I suggest anyone that lives in Ohio go like Nitro Foundation’s Facebook page:

    Basically Nitro’s Law is a step to make all animal abuse in Ohio a felony. To help push harsher punishments for animal abusers who are currently getting slaps on the wrist normally not even the max punishment which itself is not much of a punishment at all.

    I myself normally don’t pay as much attention or at least put as much time in to supporting issues when it comes to companion animals since there is obviously more people who support issues when it comes to companion animals. Though lately it seems there has been an increase in the average animal cruelty stories at least around where I live in Ohio.

    The bill for Nitro’s Law has been introduced many times in the past years but every time has basically died off with no action from the Ohio Senate. It will be introduced again in 2013. So the more support they get and the more people that contact government officials on this the more likely it will be to pass.

    Also the Nitro Foundation is good about hosting events and things all the time. Posting information on cruelty cases and forming peaceful rallies at the court cases. As well as holding other events at festivals and things to spread awareness about Nitro’s Law. They post things for all over Ohio they have current events planned for Cleveland, Toledo, Sandusky, Jefferson and Hillsboro.

    So if you live in Ohio you should go like it right now to stay informed. As well as help spread the word and maybe volunteer or show up at some of their events.

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    Over a year ago

    Liked it. If they plan an event in Columbus, I’ll definitely go to that. I’m glad there are other people in Ohio who actually give a crap!

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