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    Over a year ago

    In less than a month guns will be shooting badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire. Unless there is a huge swell of public opinion this is going to happen. The clock is ticking…

    There needs to be ‘One voice for badgers’ and this is what the Badger Protection League is providing.

    We are encouraging farmers to vaccinate their badgers rather that to kill them. There are many, many farmers who have no wish to have their badgers killed. The views of the NFU and other farming organisations do NOT reflect the majority of farmers. We will endeavour to help any farmer wishing to have their badgers vaccinated. Please help us to do this by donating towards the vaccine.

    You can donate here:

    And find other ways to help (including signing online petitions) here:

    I have just donated and urge you to do the same.

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