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    Over a year ago

    A couple weeks ago we were at the park when my sister found this black dog. He was so sweet! we kept waiting for an owner or someone to show up looking for him, but no on did after a couple hours. We decided to take him home with us since it was getting dark and he had no collar. We posted ads for a found dog all over the internet and put up flyers, but no one ever responded. We called the local vet and set up a quick appointment so they could scan him for a microchip, we knew it was a long-shot, but we checked anyways because we knew if we lost a dog we would want people to do everything possible to get him back to us.

    So, we took him to the vet and surprisingly he had a microchip. Apparently his name is Bear, he is 4 years old, and he is a lab/retriever mix. We called up his owners using the number the vet gave us, the man was very upset to find out the dog has been running loose. Apparently, he had re-homed Bear a couple years back because he was in the military and had to move to Texas and had no one to give him to. He thought the people he gave him to were very nice and he trusted them.

    When Bear was a puppy, he was on death row at the local humane society, and he saved Bear from death. He got him microchipped and took very good care of him, and he thought the new owners would too.

    We got the number of the person he re-homed Bear with and called them, but the phone number had been disconnected. The original owner asked us to keep Bear if we couldn’t find his owners because he had gotten multiple calls before that Bear had been lost from that same owner and no flyers or ads have never been posted looking for him.

    They never updated his microchip either which only takes a quick call to 24-hour pet watch and is free of charge.

    Bear’s owner had no reason to keep loosing his dog. Bear comes to you off leash, he walks fine on-leash, he does many tricks, gets along well with other dogs and with children, and is house-trained. We believe that Bear was abandoned. The vet also told us to keep the dog if no one comes to get him in the next day or so and so did the humane society (which we were never going to turn him into).

    So now Bear is safe and happy with us and our pit bull and German shepherd mix (plus our cat) and it will stay that way for the rest of his long and happy life!

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    Over a year ago

    That’s such a wonderful ending to your story. Glad to hear Bear has a loving forever home now 🙂

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