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    Over a year ago

    I am a junior in high school and I need a job. I have already applied to several places but no calls. I expected this because of how difficult it is to get hired but I am desperate at this point. I need a job so I have a better chance of being accepted into college. There is a Menchie’s opening up where I live and I’ve been thinking of applying. The only problem is that by working there I would be contributing to the dairy industry. But it would be the same at virtually any part-time job I could get be it Walmart, the mall, or a fast food business. Any advice?

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    Over a year ago

    @alexblue I have a whole foods store and a Sprouts but I can’t drive yet and whole foods is a good 45 minutes away by car. I want to apply at a local no-kill shelter around where I live and I will try all those options first I am just conflicted. There is several vegan stores in my city but they are all downtown and very far away from where I live.

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    Over a year ago

    @newyork409…Around here grocery stores are popping up like mad and hiring zillions of people. Do you have any natural grocery stores or health food stores or co-ops around? Veg-friendly bakeries, cafes or coffee shops? Check them out.
    If you love dogs, try dog grooming services or little shops that support or donate to animal shelters.
    Good luck! :)

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