• Parents not supportive ):

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    Over a year ago

    I was vegetarian for a while when my dad was living abroad for work and wasn’t home very often. Now that he’s back he is not supportive at all of my vegetarianism and wants me to give it up. He thinks all the information I have gotten from the PETA website is biased and that PETA is trying to brain wash me into being a vegetarian. How do I convince him that I’m not brain washed and that being vegetarian is really a good thing?

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    Over a year ago

    My family supports me, but they didn’t for a while. I’ve been a proud Vegetarian for a month and a few days & it’s great, isn’t it?! Try telling your parents some of these facts:
    1) Meat is unhealthy. 75% of turkey contains E-Coli + 75% is untreatable by antibiotics.
    2) Eating meat is expensive! Vegetarian bacon: 4 bucks. Real bacon: 6-7 bucks. (& so on!)
    3) It’s your life and they can’t control what you eat!

    Good luck Meggy, with love, Matt!

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    Over a year ago

    Show him Meat Your Meat. There’s no denying that. Also, find facts from a wide variety of sites to show that many many more organizations other than PETA agree that vegetarianism is healthy. Heres a good link: Remember, ultimately its your choice. Your parents cant force you to eat anything 🙂

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