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    Over a year ago

    PETA has done many great things for animals, but with all the negative press i’m hearing it’s hard to determine what is true and what is not. here are, to my knowledge facts I have unfortunately uncovered, and if it is in fact, not true please let me know . where does all the donation money go ? i feel like more animals could be saved , and am seriously losing my faith in PETA , I am appalled with their support of BSL , or banning of pit bulls, They’ve written blogs trying to justify their reasoning, but their reasoning has dug their pit deeper for me. I am not “downing” peta by any means, I consider myself an animal activist for all species. back to subject, PETAs VDACS history shows a total of 1,877 out of that number 1,675 were euthanized, 43 died ” miscellaneously” 130 were located to local kill shelters. I feel like with all the donations PETA gets instead of dumping these animals off to kill shelter they should spend more of their donation funds rehoming these guys! i understand SEVERLY sick and injured should be euthanized, but there should be more money going to the animals’, not the people in the top office. i hope you all are able to see im not BASHING peta by any means, PETA does a whole lotta good but i feel they could be doing better! PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ, UNDERSTAND, AND RESEARCH MY CONCERNS !! ALL 4 THE ANIMALS!

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @HaleighTanner,

    Thanks for your support. :)

    Since PETA is a nonprofit organization ALL of the money we get goes right back into helping animals. We aren’t against pit bulls- we’re against breeding ANY animal when millions of animals are being put down in shelters across the country because there aren’t enough good homes for them to go to. I have personally met many sweet, adorable pit bulls in shelters and I would totally recommend adopting one from a shelter if someone is looking to add an animal to their family.

    “No-Kill” shelters don’t have limitless room and turn down animals when they are full or if the animal isn’t “desirable” or adoptable. They also provide no tangible solution to the over population crisis. PETA sends all the adoptable animals we can to open admission shelters and advocates people to always spay and neuter and to never buy their animals.

    Many of the animals that arrive at the PETA office are animals that these shelters won’t take and some are in the worst conditions you’ll ever see. Please click here to learn more about all the important work we do to help these animals:

    Thanks again for your support and your concern for animals! If you have any other questions please e-mail us at :)

    ~Sara from peta2

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    Over a year ago

    I feel you too ! I don’t believe in killing animals just because they are in pain or because there are too many of them. But that is one main thing for PETA, you have to agree & understand why they do it … It saves them a lot of money doing it that way too…. but I could never put animals down, they have their own animal instincts and they handle death their own way… why make the decision for them, I feel that violates the animal’s rights because I know if it was me I would want the DR. too fight & save my life & I would try the same. & as for shelter & $$ I would do my best to get by.

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