• PETA Pokemon Black and White Parody Game

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    Over a year ago

    WTH O_O I’m sorry, I like peta2, but this, has gone too far in my opinion. Pokemon is NOT a game that represents cruelty!

    Super-big pokemon games fan since forever, and this, is just upsetting.

    What’s your opinion?

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    Over a year ago

    Honestly, I get a lot of …things said to me about being on “PETA”s side, and I don’t like it. Sure, I don’t agree with everything that is done by PETA, but I do agree with a lot of it, and I feel I should support what things I do agree with. I wish everyone could see it that way.

    As for the game, maybe it was a little too far, but I think it has good intentions and points behind it. I don’t know what makes younger children violent – games, tv, how they see older people interact – but I have witnessed loads of little kids hitting or throwing things at their pets when the pets don’t do what they want. The game was supposed to be a parody in which the characters and Pokemon were all experiencing the same theme, humans being cruel to animals, and show a lesson to be learned! No one is saying that the trainers abuse their Pokemon, but that because Pokemon is something so widespread, that they could be used to teach children a lesson is all. Plus, I thought the game was cute/fun!

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks Rachel-S for the explanation.
    However, this strategy still isn’t quite right because most people are leaving the site thinking the people at PETA are retarded.
    They think that PETA is launching a campaign against perceived animal cruelty in Mario & Pokemon games.

    They may stick around to watch the undercover videos but you have to keep in mind that most people are trained to think in terms of sides.
    They’re either on PETA’s side or they’re not on PETA’s side.
    If they see these undercover videos put forward by PETA while being given the impression that the people at PETA are retarded, they will question the authenticity of the videos. They’ll think that perhaps the footage is actually of isolated criminal incidents being exaggerated by the PETA.
    Some will even go so far as to side with the animal cruelty simply because they don’t want to side with the ‘retards’ at PETA.

    Doesn’t PETA have psychologists who understand how this stuff works?

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  • Profile photo of AliceinPonderland

    Over a year ago

    Peta aren’t attacking pokemon. They’ve just chosen a topic that they know many people outside of the AR community will hear about and come and look at 🙂

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  • Profile photo of kevingomes

    Over a year ago

    I only representative of one of the pokemon group of Brazil, and found it ridiculous that peta fes, pokemon never had the inspiration of mistreatment of animals and so an anime and games such thing has nothing q qa peta ugly version that was very fes disappointed.

    eu so um dos representante do grupo pokemon do brasil, e achei ridiculo isso que a peta fes , pokemon nunca teve de inspiraçao de maltrato aos animais e so um anime e os jogos nao tem nada dessas coisa q essa versao feiosa q a peta fes fiquei muito decepcionado .

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  • Profile photo of chenli

    Over a year ago

    Too many people can’t see past the game and see it’s making a reflection on animal use within real life. Mind, most people don’t get many campaigns by AR groups and such. Just shows how crap humans are.

    I like the pokemon series, and I think the PETA version is well made and humorous, also including the mudkip meme. I only hope the message is what I said above and not a simple attack on a cartoon franchise.

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