• PETA vs. other animal rights organizations? Differences?

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    Over a year ago

    Hello everyone 🙂
    I just had a question for you animal rights activist on certain animal rights groups.
    I would like to get some info on the HSUS, PETA, and ALF. Mainly, I want to know what the difference is between these groups? I don’t want to shame anyone, especially not my fellow PETA2 activists, so please don’t be offended but I am curious about how these animal rights groups differ. For example, (I don’t want to sound ignorant but I honestly don’t know) why is the ALF not a big of PETA or of HSUS? They seem to be against them, but aren’t HSUS and PETA helping animals too, just like the ALF?
    I would like a brief description of PETA, HSUS, and ALF and the main differences between them. (Maybe even other organizations like the ASPCA, Friends of Animals, or Animal Aid)
    Thanks guys, in advanced.

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    Over a year ago

    HSUS is an animal welfare organization and like most animal welfare organization they care more about domestic animals like cats and dogs though they sometimes do work to help the living conditions of livestock animals but even though they sometimes help improve living conditions they aren’t against them being killed still

    PETA is an animal rights organization the most well known AR organization probably. They think all animals (including domestic, livestock, and wild animals) should have their own basic rights like life. Then end goal of most animal rights organizations are actually pretty close to animal liberation.

    ALF isn’t an organization in the same sense that the other two are. This is because what they do is illegal. They are basically a name and set of guidelines or rules that if anyone follows properly they can use the name too. They are for animal liberation. Which is basically a more extreme approach then animal rights at freeing all types of animals. Since ALF supporters are extremists they normally just feel like animal rights and animal welfare supporters aren’t doing enough. Just like a lot of vegans don’t like vegetarians or omnivores for not doing enough.

    The ASPCA is like the HSUS as they are for animal welfare. Most animal welfare supporters care more about dogs and cats or just the living situation of livestock animals. I think animal welfare attracts a larger group of animals because they don’t have to adapt the way they live really but they still love animals etc. The reason they say fur is wrong but leather is fine is because wearing fur has become out dated and people are fine with saying it is wrong not to mention the animals used for fur are small cute fluffy animals that most people like. Where as wearing leather hasn’t become as out dated yet and cows and those types of animals aren’t cared for as much by the general public. So basically they are just playing on societies favorites and not trying to scare away any people from their organization.

    I myself am for any steps in helping animals whether it be animal welfare, animal rights, or animal liberation as they all help open peoples eyes to the suffering of animals and encourage people to get involved and do something for animals.

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    Over a year ago

    @teatowls Thanks that helped a lot. Also, why do a large number of people support the ASPCA because I read on their “stands” that they are for killing animals for food, wearing leather, wool, etc, and animal experimentation. That doesn’t help animals at all, that hurts them, why do they approve of it? They said on wearing fur: Wrong. But on wearing leather: It’s fine?

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    Over a year ago

    With the ALF not being supported by other organisations it’s because what the ALF does is actually illegal, in fact the ALF is regarded as a terrorist group so other groups don’t really want to associate themselves with them. ALF activists I imagine wouldn’t be overly fond of some organisations as they may feel these groups don’t do enough which is why most people join the ALF to begin with.

    ASPCA and RSPCA are not animal rights groups, they are animal welfare so they are different to PETA and Animal Aid in that sense. There’s a huge number of animal rights groups but they tend to all focus on different things depending on the country that it’s set in or what they’re goals are… Sea Shepherd are specific in sea animals, BUAV is specific in animal testing, SHARK tends to focus on pigeon hunts and rodeos… so you see that different groups do different things.

    Hope that helps a bit!

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