• Points-Price Raise?

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    Over a year ago

    Did you raise the price on the street time items?? If you did, I just ordered stuff. Will you take some of my points to make up for the difference? :$

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    Over a year ago

    “Hey everyone!
    Thanks so much for being on the peta2 Street Team and helping animals!
    peta2’s Street Team is a unique program and each year we spend thousands of dollars purchasing and shipping Street Team goods for free to Street Teamers all around the world. Since we launched our new website this year, we’ve seen a huge increase in people helping animals and completing missions, and in order to manage costs, we’ve had to increase the point value on some items in the store. Not all items were changed, some stayed the same and some were even lowered—and this change will help us create and ship newer Street Team goods in the future.
    Please remember that peta2 has to pay for each piece of merchandise we send and then also pay for shipping—which adds up. We add new missions every week so that Street Teamers can earn points, so if you need a few more to order your fave good, please check out to get earning! Also keep in mind that the real award should be knowing you spoke up for those who need it the most.
    Thanks so much!
    ~Rachel S. with peta2”

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  • Profile photo of xxSaintNikkixx

    Over a year ago

    I noticed this too! Why?

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