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    Over a year ago

    Does anyone on here do any prepping for potential threats? Like for natural disasters, nuclear war, EMPs, economic fallout, the zombie apocalypse…

    Just curious to see as I’m starting to now just by getting a bug out bag together and stocking supplies, my family isn’t doing very well economically right now so I figure if I save for stuff while I can we’ll have things to fall back on if we can’t afford to buy food, pay utility bills, etc.

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    Over a year ago

    ERMAGERD! Fellow vegan prepper! *giant hug*
    I’m more -trying- to be a prepper, than actually being one. So far, I have a surplus of canned corn, raisins, and boxed soymilk lol. I generally go on sprees… then I kind of forget about it for a while.
    I tried the extreme couponing thing… but it turns out, I’m not very good at it – plus, it’s somewhat difficult to find coupons for the types of things I buy.
    One of the things I’ve read a lot is that you should stock up on the non-perishables that you’re used to eating. You’re going to be stressed enough in a SHTF situation, it’ll help a little to have food that you’re used to.
    I actually got told off by a traditional prepper for being a vegan prepper. They said it wouldn’t be beneficial, because you need as many nutrients as possible in that situation… new twist on the same old omnivorous argument lol.
    One thing I will say, if you have a dollar tree in your area, they often have boxed soymilk that lasts about 4 years, and you’re probably not going to find soymilk cheaper than $1. I buy a few boxes every time I go.

    My boyfriend is also very interested in prepping (though, not a vegan). We’ve basically concluded that I’m on food duty, and he’s in charge of protection – since I’m terrified of guns, and he’s had experience with them since he was young.
    Granted… I really want to learn to shoot a bow… but that wouldn’t be terribly helpful in protection… pretty sure that just stemmed from my hunger games infatuation *cough*

    I’ve also been working on a binder full of helpful information… how to perform certain medical procedures, treat wounds, etc. Also, it’ll probably be helpful to read up on edible and poisonous foliage in your area.
    Stock up on medical supplies, and don’t forget food for any companion animals you may have as well.
    Batteries… flashlights… a battery-powered radio, candles, matches, etc…

    I always tell people I’m prepping for the zombie apocalypse… but I really think it’s not unlikely that we could end up in a SHTF situation (more likely EMP or economic fallout, than zombie apocalypse… but still), and I think it’ll be very beneficial to be prepared.

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