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    Over a year ago

    Since i became a vegan everyone seems to become some kind of protein expert.

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    Over a year ago

    I had a conversation once with one of my grandmother’s friends. My grandma is notorious for disapproving of my diet. Anyway, her friend agreed with me that there are plenty of other places to get protein, which actually helped lighten my grandma up a bit. THEN grandma’s friend through me a curve ball and said “But you still need meat in your diet” LOL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, LADY? You just admitted you can get protein other places, so why do we need meat? And I asked her. Naturally, he answer was “You just do.”
    Old folks have the hardest minds to change, I swear.

    But yeah, everyone who knows absolutely nothing about nutrition seems to think they know what’s what when it comes to someone who has a different diet from them.

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  • Profile photo of MsVeganGirl

    Over a year ago

    OMG! I have this same thing! Even my chiropractor thinks he is some expert on protein!!!! I make sure I have enough protein and I try to educate people rather than yelling at them even though I’d love to sometimes!

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  • Profile photo of ChangeStartsNow

    Over a year ago

    I know; people are just that way. Everyone knows everything about protein. My dad told me I would die if I became a vegan because I won’t get enough protein. “/

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