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    Over a year ago

    I have heard that companies such as Mars and Nestle test their products on animals… so that means food products, right? I just don’t get how food can be tested on animals. Does anyone know? Just wondering, thanks.

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks @nomeatnodairynoprob1em I’ve watched the videos before, about the cruelty of animal testing so I know it involves pain and death for many innocent animals, but it makes sense to me now about testing for additives and other unsafe ingredients in the food, thanks again:)

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    Over a year ago

    Watch some videos on animal “testing” (aka animal torture) and you’ll understand.

    If you don’t have the ability to watch videos on your computer, just imagine one of the most horrible things a human could ever do to an animal.
    Chances are, it (or something very similar to it) has been done in animal “testing”.

    A common “testing” procedure in the world of food production includes force feeding or injecting an additive to see how much of the additive it takes to kill the animal.
    That’s one of the less horrible procedures. It gets much worse.

    Also, just FYI: Mars and Nestle are very large companies and neither of them is involved exclusively in human food production.

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