• Questions about handing out leaflets at school.

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    Over a year ago

    I ordered one of the free leaflet and sticker set for high school today. After I did that I started to wonder these questions hopefuly you can help me.
    1)Are you allowed to hand out leaflets at school in Alabama? I plan on asking teachers when school starts but as of now I’m wondering. I’ve gotten mixed answers on this one.
    2)How do I gain the confidence to hand them out? I’m very shy and no one takes me seriously, I have a friend who is willing to help I told him the horrors of seaworld and he is now more open to animal rights, but he is like me very shy and not taken seriously. Any tips?
    3) What type of leaflets come in the kit?

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    Over a year ago

    @juliet thanks for wanting to help animals at school
    1.before school starts you should go to your new principal and ask if you can start your own animal rights club

    2.just come up to pepole with a smile and say “hi my name is juliet and i was wondering if you would like to help me on this important cause.” and explain your cause.pepole at my school are mean but i just learned that iam supporting a good cause no matter wat they say.the. we all know at peta2 know it comes from your heart. if you dont want to do that then just ask your principal if you can use a bullitin board and you can do it from there.
    3. what pack did you order?
    GOOD LUCK!!! please feel free to ask me more questions!!!!!!

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