• Quitting being vegan

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    Over a year ago

    First of all: NOT ME!!

    Well, I was browsing the interwebs to find raw vegan cheesecake, and I encountered some vegan blogs that I used to read 3-4 years ago, and guess what? Neither of those people (those people were raw and vegan) are vegan anymore.

    And I’m just so….disappointed and sad. They were one of the people that I thought were so cool to be vegan with kids and a good family where veganism was accepted, but due to whatever reasons they had, they had to quit. (And my used-to-be friend who inspired me to become vegetarian and then vegan quit veganism too)

    Really? Does everyone have to quit being vegan eventually? Am I the only person that believes that one can live on a complete vegan diet until we people die?

    Someone PLEASE help me; please tell me what YOU think. Do you think we’re all going to stop being vegan? Or we’re being vegan because it’s a fad? I’ve been inspired by these people and those people are just disappearing while I solely continue being vegan (at least I’m the only vegan I know now other than someone who works at Whole Foods).
    Something else in life happened that made me sad, and I REALLY don’t need anymore sadness to crawl into my mind…. So PLEASE tell me what you think.

    The people I talked about are these people:

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    Over a year ago

    Well many people make many different types of choices , and people do change over the years

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    Over a year ago

    I’m in such a similar spot right now, it frustrates me so much but I don’t even know what to do about it.

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    Over a year ago

    Some people go vegan for health reasons or to lose weight and those people usually quit.
    I dont EVER think i will go back to animal use. I have a friend who has been vegan since she was three! For some people it is a fad, but for those that truly care will keep on being vegan.

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  • Profile photo of vegan01

    Over a year ago

    More people are becoming vegan. Which is absolutely fantastic you should definitely stay vegan.

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    Over a year ago

    Thank you everyone for commenting, and I’m sorry it took a while to respond!

    @dionlisa: Thank you. I agree that there are more vegans and vegan stuff in general appearing. It does give me hope to meet and talk to more experienced vegans, and I will make sure to keep up my work!

    @hakred: Yes, it’s very disappointing to find people like that, and especially when they know that factory farmings, etc are still going on! I don’t think people will one day think “Hey, I think factory farming is okay!”. Tbh, I don’t know how one can think that, especially if they were vegan once. Thank you for your kind words, and let us stay and continue to be vegan!

    @TeeterDance: I agree. I don’t take doctor’s words either. Homeopathic ftw ūüėÄ You all inspire me to keep being vegan! And thanks for the thought out comment, I really appreciate that!

    @LittleLotte: That makes sense. I hope we can be the strong ones that pull through and we can be role models for people to go vegan!

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