• Quitting being vegan

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    Over a year ago

    First of all: NOT ME!!

    Well, I was browsing the interwebs to find raw vegan cheesecake, and I encountered some vegan blogs that I used to read 3-4 years ago, and guess what? Neither of those people (those people were raw and vegan) are vegan anymore.

    And I’m just so….disappointed and sad. They were one of the people that I thought were so cool to be vegan with kids and a good family where veganism was accepted, but due to whatever reasons they had, they had to quit. (And my used-to-be friend who inspired me to become vegetarian and then vegan quit veganism too)

    Really? Does everyone have to quit being vegan eventually? Am I the only person that believes that one can live on a complete vegan diet until we people die?

    Someone PLEASE help me; please tell me what YOU think. Do you think we’re all going to stop being vegan? Or we’re being vegan because it’s a fad? I’ve been inspired by these people and those people are just disappearing while I solely continue being vegan (at least I’m the only vegan I know now other than someone who works at Whole Foods).
    Something else in life happened that made me sad, and I REALLY don’t need anymore sadness to crawl into my mind…. So PLEASE tell me what you think.

    The people I talked about are these people:

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    Over a year ago

    I think some people who go vegan are on-off vegans throughout their lives: they strongly believe in it but sometimes life just gets in the way or they fall ‘off the wagon’. But I believe that, as more of the human population become vegan, it will become easier for all vegans to stay with their diet throughout their lives.

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    Over a year ago

    I think that there are a multitude of factors involved. Some people are recommended by doctors to quit (never go to a doctor for nutritional advice, most do not have a single shred of nutritional training, always seek out a nutritionist that understands veganism) some are pressured by families and friends, some simply don’t believe in it any more or grow apathetic to the whole cause.

    What matters is not these people, they may realise one day that they can be vegan again. What matters is you being vegan. You have to be the one that picks up the slack so to speak of others dropping out and inspire other people to join you. As long as you still have the motivation to continue being an awesome activist and vegan then you will be the one making the difference. And remember, these people may not be vegan now but they inspired you and possibly others to be. They were an important part of your development into who you are now. So try not to get too sad about it all. These things unfortunately happen but for every person that drops out, a new person will come along into the cause. We just got to keep the people coming in 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve met more once upon a time vegans than I have met current vegans. It’s always a major bummer to hear someone proclaim “Oh, you’re a vegan?! I used to be too, but … blah blah bl..”. Let me tell you, @Sagojyou, you are NOT alone!

    What’s even more disturbing about it? These people used to be vegans — so they’re probably pretty knowledgeable about factory farms, health issues, the environment, and so on. It leaves with me an unanswerable question: If they know about all of this, WHY? They all have their reasons, of course, but none of which I can appreciate. I’m not at all implying that the subject is black and white, as I’m sure that there are some extremely rare cases in which a valid reason would procure.

    I personally intend to remain vegan throughout the rest of my years. I don’t believe that we’ll all stop being vegan (& I certainly hope not!). If you look at the numbers throughout the years, veganism is growing. Former vegans may have inspired many of others to go vegan (life-long, even) in the past, adding the numbers even higher. So, they may not be vegan any more, and it would be great if they gave it another try – but these people did make a huge contribution to growing the vegan population and spreading the message of animal rights. That’s something I can appreciate.

    Also to touch on the topic of whether or not veganism is a fad, I don’t believe so. We’re being thrown in with the fad dieters by label makers because veganism is growing/becoming more popular. Our lifestyle is being recognized, and that it a very good thing!

    Carry on being awesome, I hope you have a lovely day! 🙂

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