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    Over a year ago

    So, I’ve been a vegan for a little over a year now and I’ve heard alot about raw food and raw vegan diets. I’ve heard about the many benifits of them, and I really want to try a raw vegan diet. I’m just not sure I understand the full concept of them. Are their any raw vegans here ? What has your experince been with being a raw vegan, any advice/tips ? 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    Definitely easy when you have a dehydrator. But doable without one. There are some sites I visit is a good one. I feel you can still get the benefits from raw by devoting a day or two out of the week if you’re not used to it. Some of their boutique foods get pretty expensive but if there are vegans who can survive without tofu, I think raw vegans can make it without them.

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    Over a year ago

    I tried it for a little bit, and it rocked!! I had so much more energy, and felt perfectly fine on 3-4 hours of sleep! 😀 But sugar affected me big time; I ate a little piece of chocolate, and I felt sick to my stomach (shows raw is good and sugar is bad).
    My advice to you is that don’t be super-picky. (like using raw nori – heck, I couldn’t find them so I stuck with regular toasted ones). And make sure to research beforehand! (like what you can eat, what raw food are available, etc) It’s a great way to detox, and I’d definitely try again! (but because it’s been hard to eat raw when I’m around my family/friends, I’m nonraw right now. But still, it’s well worth your time to try!) 😀 I hope this helps! ^^

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