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    Over a year ago

    K, so, if anyone’s catholic out there (I don’t know if other religions do this 2 :$) they know what reconciliation means (You confess to the priest) Well, my school goes once a year, and this year i discovered something. Saying “I supported the meat/milk/egg/animal testing industry” (K so we all know if your on this sight parents made you/total accident” makes the priest speechless. But say it more…graphic. Like milk “I supported the cruel and unnatural dehorning process cows go through just so i could have a glass of milk” You may have to do an extra hail mary or whatever, but the look on your priest face is worth it. Whenever I say something like that, I have to work so much harder on keeping a straight face! (Ps idk if highskools do this, I graduated gr 8 like 2 weeks ago so someone in highschool wanna let me know if it works when in highschool? thanks.)

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    Over a year ago

    Haha, wow. I haven’t gone to church in years, but that idea kinda makes me tempted to go back and emulate it, lol.

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    Over a year ago

    oops i said sight but i ment site. Sorry for any other mistakes, I dont have tme to full out fix it.

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