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    Over a year ago

    A couple days ago, I sent my local Kroger Marketplace an e-mail (they are where I get everything except my produce). They have quite a nice organic section, but naturally it’s limited compared to Whole Foods or Trader Joes. So I sent an e-mail asking if they were planning on introducing more vegan products. Well today, I got a message from the manager saying he’d be happy to work with me if I gave him a list of all the products I’d like to see added. Completely took me by surprised, but now I’m excited and working on a list that I think the other vegans in the area might appreciate.
    Kroger is great about having a lot of what they have… like a lot of different vegan ice cream, a lot of frozen vegan meat replacements, a lot of vegan milk replacements, etc. But as far as variety goes, it’s disappointing. They have 10 different kinds of vegan cheese slices, but no vegan parmesan cheese. They don’t offer ANY vegan breakfast replacements (like sausage or bacon) they used to, but they stopped carrying it. They just got in Silk yogurt, which I got all excited about and bought ALL of them. No vegan pudding. they stopped carrying most of their vegan deli slices. Etc etc.

    So my question is, in your experience, what are the best brands/types of vegan pudding, vegan deli slices, vegan breakfast options, vegan parmesan cheese (this one especially, I’m very excited about), and any other suggestions to add to the list.
    I’m definitely adding primal strips. And if they get them in, I’m going to buy the crap out of them.

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