• Rescue kittens! Urgent matter!!!

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    Over a year ago

    These kittens are going to be free, and I want to know if anyone here would like to take a poor rescue kitten!

    If you live in the Edmonton area and you wish to have a free kitten PLEASE COME! These Kittens were thrown out into the streets on my village and need a new home!

    They were found incredibly malnourished and possibly sick! We have taken them in and they are currently at my Mom’s house.These kittens have not had their shots yet, their owner threw them out onto the streets when they were five weeks old and have hardly been bothered with. Recently the kittens have been given NO ATTENTION and have not been feed for about three days prior. They are only five months old and have no idea how to hunt!

    I have spread this on my Tumblr, Facebook, and CS because I need to see if someone would take these poor abused kittens and make them healthy again. So far we have been feeding and spoiling them but sadly we cannot keep them. We want the SPCA to be a last resort. Please, if anyone can take a kitten I would really appreciate it.


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