• Rethinking Tradition in Our Society

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    Over a year ago

    Whether it’s slavery, hangings, or factory farming, in today’s society, just because others are doing it doesn’t mean it’s morally correct. Over time, changes are gradually made into society and we look back on it and wonder how we let ourselves do such a thing.
    Specifically, the fact that factory farming is not only killing 150 billion animals a year alone, this is far more than any other number of humans killed per year. Wouldn’t it be incredible to look back at the past and wonder why we treated animals in some way and how things have changed?

    To read more be sure to check out Empathy For Animal’s blog:

    “You can make a difference simply by the choices you make every single day. I don’t care what the world does. You’re not the world, you are you. And you can make a change for yourself, the animals, and the world.”

    ~Kailei, Empathy For Animals

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