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    Over a year ago

    Hi, long story short I’ve been a vegetarian ( or pescatarian whatever ) for 5 and a half years since 8th grade and I one say decided to convert back to cruelty free chicken due to a health problem. I feel bad about doing so, it’s completely vegetarian raised, caged free, humanly raised, all of that but I don’t like labeling myself as a pesca-pollotarian. I REFUSE to eat it if it’s not raised right. I don’t know if I’ll get shunned or what? Help?

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    Over a year ago

    I’m not a dietitian or a doctor, but could you be a little more specific about your medical problem? Even if you weren’t veg you may still be able to cut out some animal products where it won’t mess with your condition.

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  • Profile photo of curesthatkill

    Over a year ago

    While I’m not trying to judge you, I know for a fact that meat can make you sicker as there are many meat-related illness such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many others. If a doctor is telling you that you need meat for your health, I would find a more veg-friendly doctor since they can direct you to better vegetarian nutrition. Perhaps you were eating the wrong type of things? You can certainly be vegetarian and be unhealthy if you don’t eat right as there is A LOT of crap out there. Personally, veganism helped me with my health more than anything and I haven’t had any problems after being vegan for over four years now. In fact, I’ve never been healthier and I don’t ever need to have supplemental vitamins either. :]

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  • Profile photo of silencescreams

    Over a year ago

    I honestly believe that meat is ever necessary for health benefits.
    You would follow under a pesca-polotarian diet.
    I’m glad you are trying to make sure “it is raised right” but remember that the killing of an innocent is still wrong.

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  • Profile photo of Whiskey

    Over a year ago

    To try and say that for a medical reason she still can’t eat meat is wrong of you folks. No one here besides Naomi knows whats wrong (as far as I know). I think if she’s here asking if ya’ll will basically cut her off and shun here it probably means she’s thought about it long n hard and doesn’t want to eat meat again but will if it makes her better.

    Naomi, I support your decision… you need to do whats best for your health and if you found one that’s more humane than others, go for it.

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  • Profile photo of NaomiSimmons

    Over a year ago

    I’ve never been a vegan, and I could never be one sorry.
    I love certain things with milk in it too much, and honey.

    two, please don’t be rude about it. I don’t want to feel bad.

    three, for the third person thank you so much.
    see, the chicken I ate once was killed after being put to sleep.
    they don’t feel the pain. thank you again!

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