• Sagojyou's Food Review Number 6: Silk Iced Latte!!

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    Over a year ago

    Because I try way too much food to just call it a “Trader Joe’s Review” lol (even though I get lots of food from there too)

    So some of you may have seen this new product at your local grocery store, and they’re really expensive ($4-5!), so I was hesitant to buy it. Then I was at Grocery Outlet a while ago, and I found it for $1.99!!! Why SHOULDN’T I buy it, right? XD So I did, and I took a sip of it…

    It’s amazing!! It has a good, mild taste of coffee with a hint of vanilla, and it doesn’t have the bitterness of coffee like it does if you make it yourself! The ratio of coffee to soy milk is excellent!! 😀
    I should have bought more, really, since I’ve been drinking iced coffee like crazy XD If it’s Silk product, I’m willing to try anything! 😀

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    Over a year ago

    I got the mocha and was not impressed. It didn’t have enough coffee, or sugar in it. You know how when you’re making chocolate cookies and you don;t add enough sugar, and try some batter? That weird ‘dry’ bland cocoa flavor? That’s what the mocha tastes like =/

    I’m jealous you found it so cheap! I couldn’t resist to try it, and paid full price =/

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