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    Over a year ago

    Hey guys!

    Check out my Arctic Rising page and give me a chance to go to the North Pole. The Arctic is under threat, it’s time to save it! don’t do it for me, do it for all the animals on the North Pole because they need us! 😀
    I’m volunteer on greenpeace! and i need your help to save the arctic and the animals in that part of the world! like polar bear, walrus, artic fox, snowy owl, narwhal! etc.

    We all depend on the health of the Arctic. But companies and governments want to drill for oil in the melting waters. Burning oil caused the melting in the first place. We need to protect the Arctic from oil drilling.

    Go to my page then hit “Join The Artic Rising” and Sign the petition!. 🙂

    Use the “Share” links from my page to post it on Facebook or Twitter and urge your friends to Sign and Share!, the animals on the North Pole need us, let’s get to the goal! 😀

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  • Profile photo of OswaldoFlores

    Over a year ago

    BTW….. I’m from Mexico so, if the page appears in Spanish don’t worry you can choose your language on the top!

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