• School Project Presentation! (:

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    Over a year ago

    The end of the school year is coming up, so of course I have huge projects and exams to take. For an English project, I am doing a presentation to my class on factory farming. I’ve been planning it for so long, and I’m really excited to see everyone’s expressions when they see and hear the truth!

    I was thinking that at the end of the project, I could lay out leaflets, stickers, and vegan/vegetarian starter kits for anyone to take in case they’re interested. I’ve already applied to receive free supplies like the starter kits, but they never came. ): I tried twice, but they just never showed up! If they’re available, I would need them before next Friday because that’s when I have to present!

    Can anyone tell me why that happened, or send me a link so I can apply for new ones?
    Thanks (:

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