• SeaWorld Protest in Orlando FL

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    Over a year ago

    I want to protest against SeaWorld in Orlando FL, how do I get started? How do I get others in my town to help support this cause about educating others about how captivity is wrong?

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    Over a year ago

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @xmonicavictoria!

    That’s awesome that you want to protest SeaWorld! You can definitely email us at for help and to request materials. It takes a while for materials to arrive though, so if you want, you can totally print protest materials and learn all about DIY activism on this page:

    You can also get emails about SeaWorld protests going on in your area by signing up for the peta2 email alerts! Click here to sign up:

    Thanks for helping animals, and email us if you want more help!

    ~Liz from peta2

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