• Sept.16...Happy National Guacamole Day (and National Mexican Independence Day)!

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    Guacamole is a magical mash of superhealthy avocados with herbs, spices, veggies and whatever else spins your spurs! 😉
    Avocado FYI…
    Hass avocados (also known as Haas avocados) are the most common, but there is an amazing array of avocados available!
    Over 30 million pounds of avocados are sold for two guacamole-loving events every year. Can you guess which ones? (Answer)
    Tips for Preparing Avocados (source: The World’s Healthiest Foods):
    “Use a stainless steel knife to cut the avocado in half lengthwise. Gently twist the two halves in opposite direction if you find the flesh clinging to the pit. Remove the pit, either with a spoon or by spearing with the tip of a knife. Next, take each of the avocado halves and slice lengthwise to produce four avocado quarters. The use the California Avocado Commission’s “nick and peel” method to peel the avocado. Just take your thumb and index finger to grip an edge of the avocado skin and peel it away from the flesh, in exactly the same way that you would peel a banana. The final result will be a peeled avocado that contains most of that dark green outermost flesh that is richest in carotenoid antioxidants.
    You can prevent the natural darkening of the avocado flesh that occurs with exposure to air by sprinkling with a little lemon juice or vinegar.”

    From PETA
    Haas avocados
    cherry tomatoes
    red onion
    lime juice
    garlic clove

    Details and directions at Guacamole
    According to the Rules of the Interwebs, you shouldn’t post someone else’s entire recipe, only part of it with a link to the rest, unless you’ve changed the recipe up bigtime.

    Vegan variations…
    Tart Lemon Guacamole from PETA
    Pineapple Guacamole from peta2
    Guacamole Hummus from peta2
    Creamy Avocado Dip from SUNNY712 at VegWeb
    7-Layer Mexican Dip from peta2
    Grilled Guacamole Sandwich from certifiedmoxie at VegWeb
    Guacamole Burgers from peta2
    Burrizzas from DalVeg at VegWeb
    Mexican Stuffed Shells from PETA

    How do you rock your guac?

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