• "Sexiest" Vegan Contest By PETA

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    Over a year ago

    Not sure where to post this but. I figured it would be cool to post here. So anyway check it out !! and VOTE!!

    A quick bio

    Just CLICK this link!! (I know alot of people are posting these events, I sound like another floating advertisement)


    Eh, as people may know me I am pretty cool but, I guess I will give this a shot not sure the outcome but…. O WELL!! My life is pretty quiet but, I do make noise when the time comes (often). As you know I am just a young software developer but, thats the boring part which the main part comes from being highly involved in any way I can with animal ACTIVISM!!

    Lets get cracking!! (Dont overload too much though on the voting) = )

    So uh. I guess go ahead and vote thanks for the support if you do!! :)

    So go go dudes!!!


    Thanks in advance!! This is gonna be bad ass dude!!

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  • Profile photo of pyth0nc0der0

    Over a year ago

    Thanks LittleLotte!! :) I am just doing my best ha. Dagmar thanks!! yea, lets hope so if not who cares! ;) . K1tt3n just voted for you too and spreading the word on my event page! ;) nomeatnodairynoproblem.

    Well, you are correct in that by having the votes show it will affect the choices of voters but, also can effect people and their self esteem. Then again I am loving all the hate and death threats I am getting from people ha. The 2nd place guy keeps post BS and his friends keep posting threats on his event page ha. Its really funny and kind of sad. They seriously want to beat me up for winning just because I am sending out my link to people. -_- Its just a depressing contest to me though and kind of sad. I wont do it again like some who redo the contest. One time is enough.

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    I was hoping PETA would make the view counts invisible this year.
    I feel really bad for the people who not only lose the contest but can also see that they got only a couple (or zero) votes.
    I don’t want such good people to feel bad.

    Additionally, viewable vote counts can affect voters’ choices.
    Like it or not, most people are affected by other people’s opinions.
    You can test this by adding two identical entries to the contest.
    Start one entry with 80 votes and the other with zero votes.
    You’ll find that more voters will vote on the one that has 80.

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  • Profile photo of k1tt3n

    Over a year ago

    oh awesome! goodluck ^_^
    here is mine too http://features.peta.org/sexiest-vegan-next-door/Contestant.aspx?cid=9823&r=1&f=0&m=0&t=female&s=3&k=jessica

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  • Profile photo of Dagmar

    Over a year ago

    I voted for you. Looks like you’re a show-in. Anyone check out the Viet guy btw? *blush*

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    Voted, good luck :)

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