• Shark Fin Ban in Canada

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    Over a year ago

    I received an e-mail back from Mr.Colin Carrie (MP. of Oshawa, Ontario) regarding the ban of imported shark fins, where he stated that the government sees no harm in the sales of shark fins that are from sharks that are not endangered. FIRST OF ALL, I wrote about the imported fins, not the ones from Canadian waters, SECONDLY how do you know where those fins come from that are imported? These other countries are finning sharks and throwing them back to sink to the bottom and die. LASTLY, how can you say its okay to fin as many sharks in Canada as long as they’re not on the endangered list? That’s how things become endangered. I am so upset with our government and their lack of care/responsibility for our marine life.

    I want to know what you guys think I could do to try to get my point across that there needs to at least be a limit for how many sharks are being caught, or else every shark is going to end up on the endangered list.

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