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    Over a year ago

    Hi everyone! First off, I think it’s so sad people don’t care about insects 🙁 they’re animals too (because they certainly aren’t plants!). Anyway, it’s been raining a lot here in Colorado lately, and I was walking downtown with a few of my friends last weekend. A bowl that was left outside a dog-friendly store for dogs to drink out of had some type of bug drowning in it. Before I could do anything, my friend (who’s also a street-teamer) dumped the bowl so the bug could get out. The two other friends that we were with (who of course, aren’t street-teamers) gave her a weird look and we’ve pretty much stopped talking to them since then because they were being very mean about it. I know it was definitely not wrong of my friend to save the bug, but should I still be friends with the other two? I personally don’t think so, but are any of you still friends with meat-eaters that simply will NOT listen no matter what you say, show, or do?

    Thanks everyone, and happy friday 🙂

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