• Short Story "Twisted Tale" About a Pig's Slaughter. By Nicole Rok. (me)

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    Twisted Tale.
    I woke up in a cage. I was lying down, and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw I wasn’t alone. I of course, knew that when I woke, I heard others squeal and cry. The squealing of the others set my teeth on edge and I couldn’t bear the sound of it. I shook my head. This is a dream, it must be. This can’t be happening. I tell myself. I hit my head repeatedly on the bars to the side of me, and when I felt the pain I knew it was real. What did I do to deserve this? No one deserves this. I couldn’t lie down correctly. I pressed my head and the sides of my body on the bars and let my feet down sideways. The one next to me squealed and knocked my head lightly. I tried to turn, but the bars kept getting in the way. These damned bars. I knocked my head against the bars in frustration. I kept hitting my head against them, hoping they would eventually give out. They never did, and a wave of pain washed over my head. I collapsed for a brief moment, and then I just chewed at the metal. Come on, break. Let me out… Again the bars held strong. I fell down straight, with my feet below me strangely. They ached and the pain built, but I couldn’t bear to stand up any longer.
    I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t even lie down and the sounds of the cries and yelping all around me kept me awake. My legs were touching another’s, but she didn’t seem to mind. I hit my head hard on one side of the crate in pure anger and spite. I felt my skin split and the blood when it dripped down my face. I cried out loudly, and I felt a metal rod strike my back. A human? I turned my head and I saw a tall man with a rough beard as he smacked me yet again with the pole. I squealed and he yelled out something loud and harsh. He walked away after a few minutes of more hitting and yelling. It must be the humans that are responsible for this. I grew furious and,at no avail, tried to kick at the man. He yelled out again and stared at me dead in the eyes. I saw his eyes and all I felt was fear. They were hollow and full of nothing but rage. His eyebrows were tilted down and his teeth bared. He threw the pole down onto the ground with a loud crash and walked out of the room. The door slammed behind him hard. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.
    Somehow I managed to fall to sleep. I didn’t know for how long. As soon as I woke up though, the man was already here. It was a different one than before, but they wore the same hat and pants. He hit everyone around me, and then got to me. He punched me with his bare hand and then hit the same spot with the metal rod. I turned my head quick and cried out in anger. He had a twisted smile. He laughed as he walked away and threw down the rod onto the floor. The one next to me was shaking with fear and pain. Her head and ear were bleeding and she was chewing on the bars. Her mouth was gushing blood onto the bars and the floor. I shook in horror. These humans are demons. They hurt us and enjoy it, then confine us and watch us bleed. The thought shook me and it sickened me. I watched her. She was slamming her head against the crate, and kept doing it, until it finally struck me. She wasn’t doing this to get out. She’s trying to kill herself. Eventually, she fainted and fell, and the sound of her leg crack sent chills throughout my whole body. I turned around and pressed my head rough against the bar. I breathed heavily and tried to sleep again.

    Pain still seared through my head as I woke slowly. I soon realized I was lying in some form of liquid, so I looked down to study it. It crinkled my nose and it was dark red. Blood. I instinctively looked over to the one next to me, and as I did, I shuddered back in horror and hit the bars. Her head was broken and her eyes were rolled back. The bones in her legs were protruding far out of her skin, and the puddle of blood was seeping across the ground.She was shaking and writhing around in the blood. I heard the door open. Oh no, another human. The human came in and looked around with his rotten steely grey eyes. He stared directly at the one next to me and came around to where her crate was. I was still pressed against the side bars of my crate to escape her blood. When I felt it on me, it made me shudder. My eyes widened in dread as the man hit her bone that was sticking out with a metal pole repeatedly. The bone shattered and began bleeding even more. He shook his head briefly, then took something out of his pocket and positioned it on her head. I turned my head away as I heard a bang and a sharp squeal. Then, silence.
    I couldn’t sleep that night. It felt like night. Even though I turned away, all I kept seeing in my mind was her broken bone and empty eyes. Her body had been left there. I didn’t want to turn around to even see if she was still alive because I knew what I would see. I tilted my head a tiny bit, and I saw her broken and battered head out of the corner of my eye. Her eyes, they’re frozen open. I turned my head and forced my head onto the bars. I closed my eyes tight and begged for this torture to end. The man had not left the room, and sat in the corner, watching. For the first time, another man came in and talked to the one who was sitting down. The one sitting down nodded and they walked out of the room, the large metal door slamming behind them. I laid my head down, and closed my eyes. Sleep was nearly impossible, and I kept waking up constantly, tossing and turning in the small crate. My head was lying under the bottom bar above the floor. The rough bar scratched my nose and I smelled my own blood. My dreams were haunted with the image of the other’s bones and blood, and her frozen eyes stared into me.
    I shook my head awake, hitting my ears on the bars. I heard the humans, there were many more in the room than there ever had been before. One yelled loudly, and hit a few of the others hard with something. I couldn’t see what, but it wasn’t the usual metal rod. The gates were opened, and I sat there confused. Are we being set free? I briefly hoped. No demon would let its victims go. I knew we couldn’t be let free. Finally one man came and pulled the door off my crate, and prodded me out with the rod. I could barely walk correctly, as I hadn’t in so long. They prodded me and the others out a large door and onto a ramp. Then I saw. The ramp lead to a huge truck, there were layers of others on the truck already. They were picked up one by one and thrown onto the pile of the others, each one crying out and squealing. Eventually the man with grey eyes and tilted eyebrows grabbed one of my back legs as I kicked at him with the other and squealed loudly. He smacked my head and I stopped kicking as I was thrown onto the one who was next to me in the crates. She yelped a little, and then was thrown in on top of me, barely alive.
    She was pressed against my side hard, and I felt the searing pain throughout my whole side. I cringed as they loaded on a few of the others. The large wood door was shut with a bang and the whole room went dark. I heard yelps and cries as the room began to move. There was a small slat in the wall for air, but there were so many flies in the room it didn’t make a difference. Ugh, it smells foul in here. There was a foul odor drifting from one corner. I realized after a few moments what it was the smell of. Blood, and then the smell of death wafted into my nose. My eyes widened and then drifted to the corner of the space. I saw one who was crushed, her ribs were sticking out of her body. Her face was frozen in a pose of agony. Just looking at her made me shiver. I turned away quickly, before I became sick. I laid my head down on one’s stomach below me, and to my surprise, it was ice cold. Dead. I shuddered and instinctively shuffled away to the wall, across others, both alive and dead. I hit the wall hard, and as one kicked, I squealed and felt my head hit the wall.
    I woke as the men opened the door and light shone in. It made me blink quickly, and I could feel the cold rush of air waft in. It felt amazing, but the good mood lasted only briefly as the men began to unload the others in piles with a giant machine. I couldn’t see it, but I heard it and knew the men were getting closer to me. Two finally grabbed my back legs and dragged me down a ramp. The wood scraped across my face and I could feel a few pieces and splinters dig into my skin. I yelped but I was cut short of my vocal as I was thrown onto a large metal machine that began to lift. I was lying uncomfortably, with my legs aching beneath me. I was dropped bluntly onto a floor that left my head spinning and gave me double vision. I was flitting in and out of consciousness, blinking between darkness and this hell I was alive in. I passed out.
    I woke up abruptly as I felt myself being lifted and strapped upside down. I was shaking in fear, and I heard a faint whirring in the distance. I was being moved forward slowly and I was jerking around, waving my legs, trying to get lose. All of that was to no avail as I realized suddenly what the whirring noise had been. My eyes widened and I jerked even more to avoid the knife that seemed to be drawing closer. I squealed loudly in agony. Let me go! Let me go! I don’t want to die! I heard others shriek and it made my teeth rattle in horror. Closer, closer, until I was in the grasp of the blade. I jerked one last time. My neck was sliced shallowly, but I was still alive. I was still strapped in as one man touched my cut and shrugged. I was unstrapped and yearned to run away, run far. I fell headfirst onto the ground and a sudden burst of agony hit the back of my neck. Please, if I must die, just kill me now, I can’t take any more of this. My legs gave out under me, and I heard the crack of them before I felt the searing pain. I was lowered onto a metal deck and then felt it move. I got closer to a sudden rush of heat, steam wafted up at my back. The deck suddenly stopped and began to lower towards the heat. I tried to shuffle away, but my legs were broken and hurt to move. If I bent my neck, the pain made me cringe. As the deck got lower and lower, it got hotter and hotter. I felt my back touch something so indescribably hot it was unbearable. Water? I kicked and squealed, and begged for death as I was lowered deeper and deeper into the water. I could feel my skin burning and cracking. I began to drift in and out of consciousness, until I felt the water cover my head and I passed out.
    I didn’t wake up.

    *note that the portions in present tense are thoughts*

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