• Should I act on this?

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    Over a year ago

    So a club where I live has started doing a Circus themed night including people juggling and giving out candyfloss etc but they have a big screen playing during music which changes between music videos, random gifs, the logo of the club/themed night and some circus videos of animals including a pony on a tightrope etc. They also have some people dressed as animals and have a girl dressed as a ringmaster go on stage with the person dressed as an elephant who is then “forced” to do tricks ie stand on a chair by the ringmaster who has a whip. My worry is that people will see this and be inspired to go to an animal circus because of it. Legally animal circuses aren’t allowed in the city of Belfast but they do come to the outskirts and aren’t hard to find. Do you think its worth emailing the club and asking them to stop showing the videos or in a way is it showing animal cruelty through the whipping etc? I don’t really know where you could draw the line, if you say ‘that could inspire someone to go to a circus’, even without the videos it probably could as well?

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    Over a year ago

    DEFINATELY! This is something that may start as a little “fun” club thing to do to earn extra money, but could quickly spiral into something spreading the message that it is okay for these things to happen.

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    Over a year ago

    If you feel strongly about anything, ALWAYS act on it!

    Maybe you could ask the club if you could have a stall or do a small presentation about the cruelty of animals in circuses? That way they could still do all their activities but you’d be presenting the real story for other people to see.

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