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    Over a year ago

    Does anyone have a person who really wants to become friends with you, but every time you mention something like “Im veg” or “I hate fur” They start talking about the yumminess of bacon or the funny-ness of animals being skinned alive? Theres this girl I know and she wants to be my best friend, but as I was telling my friend the horrors of fur and how they get snake skin, the other girl (Lets call her sally) Sally was like “Lol if I saw that happen to a snake I would just laugh”. How do you handle people like her??? I really don’t want to be rude and say “You can’t be my friend” (I’ve never done that before. If someone wants to be my friend, I let them make an effort)

    Please help me, I can be to nice 🙁

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    Over a year ago

    Just ignore her…literally blank her out and pretend she isn’t there. That’ll sort her out.

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    Over a year ago

    omg i’m in the same situation with my bf! i wasn’t a vegitarian until after we started dating and anytime i mention something about animals being tortured or ect. he laughs and makes fun of it. he is a nice guy i think he just does it to bother me,so now i hardly ever mention it to him,i know that might not be the best thing to do but what else can i do? i’m sorry you are in this situation it sucks! she should respect you and at least be polite when you talk to her about this sort of thing! people are just mean sometimes 🙁

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