• So today I went vegan !

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    Over a year ago

    Any tips or good foods ! I will tell you what I ate today; Applejacks w/ almond milk. Fruit for lunch & for dinner I will have stir fry. Any good recipes ya’ll can share ? I live in W.V so finding substitutes in this rural town is hard. But I would like to know what you use for butter, I know oil is good… & any sub for creamer for coffee ? Also I hate beans the only kind I like is green so that takes away from foods I can eat & peas don’t like them. I am going to try & find tofu though and make some meals. But I really need some help !

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    Over a year ago

    For butter, I use SmartBalance Light with Flaxseed Oil. (I was buying it for my dad one day, and decided to read it. Big ol’ VEGAN right there on the back. That was an exciting moment in my life. sadly.) It’s cheaper than Earth Balance, and most stores have it I think.
    It’s not such a bad thing that it’s difficult for you to find the processed substitutes. They’re generally unhealthy anyway, and it tends to a stupid game of spending money on things that taste like cardboard until you find a few products you actually like. (Am I the only person who can’t taste a difference in ANY of the faux deli meats? and the tofutti cream cheese and sour cream both taste exactly the same to me. And not good, either.)
    I got used to using my milk subs as coffee creamer – usually almond milk or coconut milk.

    I know you hate beans, but if you’re feeling frisky you may want to try mushing them up with some shredded veggies (I usually use carrots and mushrooms, but sometimes no veggies at all) and maybe some cornmeal or something, and spices and form them into patties for burgers. Beans are such a great source of protein. Just an option lol

    What kinds of foods were you fond of before? The best thing to do is to get creative and try to veganize your favorite foods.

    But congrats on going vegan! ūüėÄ *high-five* Welcome to the never-ending adventure!

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