• Sorry guys, I'm addicted to chicken

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    Over a year ago

    To Gardein’s Crispy Chik’n Filets that is!! (NO WAY I’d be going back to not being vegan! Did I scare you? XD)

    It’s A-MAZING!!!!!!! It doesn’t have that “fake meat” taste at ALL!! I think this is really close to actual chicken, but without the cruelty and the grossness of it!

    Yes Gardein stuff are a bit pricy (depending on where you buy it), but trust me, it’s SOOOOO worth it!

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    Over a year ago

    Yup, you scared me. I saw the title and thought, oh god, not another troll, then I saw your name and thought, damn, she got hacked =/ haha

    The ones that have that 7 grain coating? Yeah, those are pretty awesome. In the last year or so, I’ve realized I’m starting to not really care for the faux meat stuff, like veggie burgers. chik’n, and I would rather have seitan or tofu =/

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