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    Over a year ago

    Sometimes I really want to be able to share with others the horrors going on behind closed doors in the meat and dairy industry. I feel so sick to think that animals are being brutally killed at mutilated at this very moment. We desperately need more people on board.
    But I have found people don’t like to be told about these sorts of things. When I speak of being vegan it frustrates people, because they feel like I’m acting morally superior.

    So what do you think is the best way to get the message of the horrors involved in animal exploitation out, in a way people will listen?

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    Over a year ago


    My current two favorites:
    James Wildman Presentation
    Gary Yourofsky Presentation

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    Over a year ago

    People will listen if they are willing to listen. If they’re the ones initiating the questions, then you only have to answer what they want to know. No matter what the topic, nobody likes preaching. Or you could leave papers or leaflets around in strategic areas with written on them and a person’s natural curiosity will take over. Get strips of paper with the sites on them and stick them into library books you’ve checked out and the next person who gets it feels as though they’ve discovered something unknown.

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