• Stay vegetarian or go vegan?

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    Over a year ago

    I was vegan a few months ago and It was going really good, apart from the fact that I couldn’t sit down with my family and I felt quite rejected. My parents told me they would go vegetarian if I did, and I agreed, but what they didn’t tell me is that they still eat fish. I fell really guilty every time I put something with eggs or milk in in my mouth. I am really torn. What do you think I should do?

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @veggiebell, of course my answer to your question is going to be a big, happy “GO VEGAN”! 🙂

    It sounds like you agree that it’s a good decision to make aside from dinner time with family. I personally live with non vegans and attend dinners with them as well. I prep my own food and bring it to the table, no problem! My family still loves me and I understand that they don’t want to make two different meals. If they will agree to it, I make dinner myself and we can all enjoy the same dish. It shows them how delicious a vegan diet can be.

    There’s no need to feel guilty when you can avoid these products. If you need any help or tips, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  • Profile photo of lizforanimalrights16

    Over a year ago

    Definitely go all the way and go vegan. You’re parents aren’t vegetarian, they probably still eat meat behind your back. I would suggest you go vegan, stand up for your beliefs, even if your parents don’t agree with it. Heck, parents are wrong, even though, they don’t admit it, they make mistakes too.

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    Over a year ago

    Ah, that’s a really hard situation but I completely understand! First, I’d say to recognise the fact that they are so willing to compromise – my family definitely will not give up meat, and since I cannot pay for my own food currently they don’t want me to either sometimes.

    Then you should explain to them that when they said they’d go vegetarian, that it meant all meat. Explain to them the differences between vegetarian, pescatarian (fish-eating like them), pollutarian (chicken-eating), and vegan. Also, talk to them about how eating meat makes you feel and then expand to how animal products make you feel. From the sound of it, not good, right? I think if you explain things so that they can try to understand your mind towards it, they’ll be much more understanding since they already seem open-minded. Definitely I’d say trying SaraAnn’s idea of cooking them some delish vegan food c;

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    Daft question to ask us, we’ll all tell you to go vegan 😉
    But we’ll support you all the way!

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  • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

    Over a year ago

    Hey @Veggibell,

    Have you tried showing your parents the video at I would show them that, also, why not try making some delicious vegan food for them to try and change their minds. If they still won’t budge, you can definitely still eat with them, but you’ll just be eating something a little different than them. 🙂

    ~Sara Ann from peta2

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