• Still waiting for PETA coustomized Appreciation certificate :(

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    Over a year ago

    To whom it may concern

    Respected Sir/ma’am

    On June 27th 2013 I had placed an order of Customized Certificate of Appreciation! (15,000) and ‘Animal Liberation’ Wristband (7,000) [Order #137921] . As I stay in India and the delivery is limited to U.S.A and U.K with the idea suggested by other PETA members active on the PETA site and are also non resident of the above mentioned countries like me, I had ordered these two products to be delivered at my relatives address who stays in U.S.A.
    So far I have only received the wrist band on provided address of my relatives but the delivery of Customized certificate of appreciation is still pending. I will be thankful to you if you send in my certificate soon and I have already left a mail 10 days back on all these mail ids
    peta2@peta.org, peta2@peta2.com, StreetTeam@peta2.com.
    But I didn’t received any reply back, so I thought of posting it here.
    And I want to share that truly loved my wrist band and I am love flaunting it among my family and friends. :)
    Love and Regards

    Jaskiran Gulria

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