• Stop Greyhounds being shipped to Spain!

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    Over a year ago

    From the petition:
    With the opening of greyhound racing tracks in Spain, which are as of yet not licenced so no official betting is allowed, the Spanish are back at the Greyhound sales in Thurles, Ireland, paying over the top prices for the dogs (500 euro for a dog that would normally sell for 200). These greyhounds have been vaccinated by a local vet and are currently in kennels in Ireland waiting to be transported to Spain mid November. Greyhounds in Spain are generally treated callously, used and abused and then disposed of in the most horrendous ways, often by hanging from a tree with their feet just touching the ground so they ‘dance’ to live until they no longer have the strength. Spanish rescue groups are already unable to cope with the vast numbers of abandoned sighthounds and clearly will not be able to help these racing greyhounds once they have outlived their usefulness. We are calling on the Irish Greyhound Board and the Irish Department of Agriculture, specifically Minister Simon Coveney, to stop these dogs being exported to Spain. We are also calling on rescue groups and those within the racing industry who are opposed to the exportation of these greyhounds to Spain to boycott those who are profiting from this situation be they breeders, trainers, transporters or vets.

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    Over a year ago

    Done…thanks for the link!

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    Over a year ago

    Awful! I’m signing.

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