• Street team order. Very very confused

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    Over a year ago

    Back at the end of June, I ordered the very last ‘Hug A Vegan Day’ t shirt. I received an email the other day it had shipped, and just now I received another email saying:

    The items listed below have been discontinued and are no longer available. Please revisit our Web site at …. to make another selection.

    Your request for the following discontinued item(s) has been cancelled as of 7/2/14.

    it then lists the item(hug a vegan day shirt) and a price (7.15). I’m confused because it was in stock when I put the shirt in my cart, I paid for this with street team points, my street team account order doe not say cancelled and if my order has in fact been cancelled, I haven’t been refunded my points.

    So…. what exactly is happening?

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