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    Over a year ago

    I was checking out all of the items that I could buy with my Street Team points, when I realized that a lot of the items in the list could only be purchased at the online shop with real money and not points. Why do you advertise items that can only be bought with real money and not points in that list?

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    Over a year ago

    @Rachel-S Maybe items can be half bought/half points? Like points cover 50% of product and you have to purchase the other half, or points cover shipping? So peta/peta2 still gets money, but street teamers still get goods. ^.^

    Also, maybe when we order we can reserve a item if we have the points? But choose not to have it shipped until we collect more for more items. Often I want to wait and order alot at once to save on shipping for peta, but then if I wait it gets out of stock. So it would be cool if I could put it like on a hold? And then still save up and order more things together. ^.^ Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for being so awesome to the street teamers.

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