• Strong laws please?

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    Over a year ago

    Hi people 🙂
    As far as I know, mostly everyone in peta are from the US, but nevermind that.
    I live in Canada, to be more precise, in f*cking Quebec. For those who don’t know, here in Quebec there’s isn’t any law that forbid or punish people when they treat meanly any animals.
    I’m a volunteer in the spca’s exotic department (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, degus, chinchillas, rats, etc) and we often receive hideous rabbit abandons. Two months before, a teddy rabbit was brought to the spca. He was so thin that I can actually touch his spinal column as well as his pelvis, his hair was a mess with lots of knots, his nails were so long that he can’t even stand properly. Moreover, he was probably starved for weeks and so out of energy that he didn’t even budge when I picked him up. I spent about two hours cleaning him (it was really hard to keep cleaning him because his butt’s hair was full of pee and droppings. My head was getting dizzy and wanted to throw up…) and supervising him. We then brought him to the vet and with good treatment, he became a real bunny and not a “doll” bunny. Two weeks before he was adopted by a lovely family 😀
    Another one was around Halloween or Christmas. We received a sheep (yes, you read that correct) and the supervisor told us that someone saw a guy walking in the city with a sheep, so the person called the police who brought in to the spca. The sheep was for some Arabic festival, so it was supposed to be slaughtered live the next morning. I’m not sure what happened next, but the guy came back to claim the sheep and for some reason I don’t know, the spca has to give him back the sheep, but told him that if he really have to slaughter it, he can’t do it in his apartment and have to do it in a slaughter house.

    I’m really depressed since two weeks and with Easter coming up, the spca’s going to receive more rabbits. And what’s problematic is that the spca’s really old and the exotic department’s room are little with leaking ceilings.
    SO, what I’m trying to say is that there’s practically NO LAWS that protects animals in Quebec and that shitty premier minister and that “parti Québécois” are definitely not concerned about animals.

    Can you guys do something? 🙁

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    Over a year ago

    Try to petition and writing to higher ups in office. People can make change if they care enough.Use social networking. can help you get your petition online.

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