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    Over a year ago

    So, I was just thinking away today. In Illinois, shot gun hunting season started, ugh,,dfskjldhflskjdhfjksdjkfhjksdasdafsd. Anywhoozels, would you guys eat and kill an animal if you had to do it for survival? Like if you were in the desert, and a rabbit came by, you had the chance to kill it and eat it for SURVIVAL. What would you do? Just curious. I really don’t know what I’d do. I’m conflicted. Anyways, tell me what you’d do! Xx

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    Over a year ago

    Just look at Jane Goodall; she was vegetarian and she lived in the jungles of Africa isolated for years. However, Desert Jack Rabbits are herbivore animals and research shows that not even these little animal experts get enough protein and vitamins in the desert. Instead, they are reduced to consuming fecal matter. The way I see it, if a herbivorous animal has a hard time surviving in the desert, I should have no shame in not being able to survive easily either.

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    Over a year ago

    I like what SassyVegan said; because she is right . If that actually happened which it might.. like food shortages, or something similar to that. People would have to eat something, hunt for themselves & just roots & fruits are not going to be enough, so meat would have to be involved. & Everyone can tell you what they think they would do but, if it ever happened they would have to go through then they can say what they did. It’s all talk until it actually happens. But if I had to guess most people whould eat anything that doesn’t kill you if they were starving.

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    Over a year ago

    I’d rather die.
    All it takes is imagining myself in the position of the rabbit.
    The rabbit isn’t food; she’s a thinking feeling being who wants to live as much as I do (probably more than I do).
    The rabbit doesn’t deserve to be murdered by me just because I was dumb enough to get myself stuck in the middle of a desert.

    However, this is just my personal choice.
    It’s not a choice based on a belief that it is universally wrong to murder another being to save your life in a genuine life-or-death survival situation like this (a situation in which you absolutely, positively will die unless you murder).

    If you’re pondering this issue, ask yourself this:
    If you were trapped out there with another human, would you be willing to murder and eat that other human to survive?
    Because, if you would be willing to murder the rabbit and not the human, you may not have broken free from your speciesist upbringing as much as you thought.

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    Over a year ago

    Stupid argument. What do you think most of the animals eat for the most-part? Besides you ARE NOT stranded anywhere. I would eat what the rabbit is eating.

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    Over a year ago

    I hate the survival question, it’s so dumb and unlikely to happen in 1st world countries. I couldn’t kill an animal…hell, I didn’t even have the heart to squash some african land snail eggs that had no foetuses in yet.

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