• Sushi sauces when eating out?

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    9 months ago

    My favorite place to go when I eat out is Wasabi Sushi and Noodles. I previously ate the spicy mayo, but now that I am vegan I’m clueless as to what sauce I can have. I like the Eel sauce but it is traditionally made with FERTILIZED EEL EGGS!!! How do I find out if the place I go uses the “traditional” sauce? And what other sauce is vegan friendly?

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    8 months ago

    Best thing you can do is call or email them before going and tell them you’re vegan or have food allergies and need to know what’s in the sauces. Watch out for fish-based sauces and sauces with honey in them. You might bring your own wasabi sauce…you can buy it or make it. :)

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    8 months ago

    Any ideas? My sister’s birthday is coming up and she wants to eat sushi… I’m having the veggie roll (cucumber, avacodo, asparagus).

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