• Taboo: Spilling Blood (National Geographic Show)

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    I just got done watching this episode of Taboo on YouTube called Spilling Blood.

    It is mostly talking about the taboo of killing animals like out in the open for people to see etc. It mostly focuses on the 3 specific cases:
    killing animals for religious sacrifice in Nepal (which are then used for food)
    the traditional cull of whales on Faroe Islands (which are used for food)
    and cock fighting for religious purposes in Bali (which are then used for food)

    I think the show does a good job at staying neutral and getting all sides and people’s opinions and of course to explain why it is considered taboo. It also raises a lot of the points we often raise like

    how western society is hidden from killings and then when we see other people do it we consider it wrong

    how in one part of the world animals that are considered sacred are killed and eaten in others and vice versa

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